Vegral - Extra virgen olive oil - Vegral olive oil

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There are a lot of vegetable edible oils on the market. For example: sunflower oil, palm oil, soybean oil and olive oil. These vegetable oils have different characteristics and applications.

Olive oil you will find in different quality levels.

Quality levels olive oil

  • Virgen and extra virgen olive oil: olive oil is obtained from the olive through physical means, without coming into contact with organic solvents. The temperatures during its extraction are less than or equal to 35 degrees Celcius. (Extra) virgen olive oil is the premium quality olive oil.

  • "Regular" olive oil: a mixture of refined olive oil and (extra) virgen olive oil.

  • Pomace olive oil: a mixture of refined olive pomace oil and (extra) virgen olive oil.

Vegral olive oil is Virgen extra olive oil, the highest premium quality!

Culinary use

Olive oil traditionally is used in the Mediterranean countries of Southern Europe.
Extra virgen olive oil is mostly used as a salad dressing or in other cold dishes.

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